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Elastic Bandages | Compression Bandage | Elastic Bandage | ElasticBandageStore.com

Elastic Bandages

Premium Elastic BandagesOur Elastic Bandages with velcro style closure, are constructed to be extra durable and hypoallergenic. Used largely by hospitals, orthopedic clinics, sports trainers, and more. These medical supplies are sold wholesale, so the price is much lower. The elastic bandage is a piece of material used to provide support for a medical device such as a dressing or splint. Also it can be used on its own to provide support to the body. These types of compression bandages are latex free, secured with velcro type self closure, and are to be used when even compression is required. They are usually not used on an open wound, and are technically only used to support a dressing. These Elastic bandages are available in a wide range of types, from cohesive and self adherent elastic bandages, to specialized shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body. Available Sizes include: 6” x 5 yards, 4” x 5 yards, 3” x 5 yards and 2” x 5 yards.

Elastic Adhesive BandagesWe also carry Elastic Adhesive Bandages which stick to themselves, and not to hair or skin. They come in different colors such as tan (skin color), white, red, yellow, green, and blue. Used widely by athletic departments, veterinarians, and more, these rolls are made of superior quality. They contain natural rubber and are not latex free.

Cohesive Elastic BandagesThe Cohesive Elastic Bandage is another great product we distribute at rock bottom prices. They are easily torn without scissors, and will not slip. Individually wrapped, and 5 yards in length (when stretched), they also come in various colors. These rolls are the same as Elastic Adhesive Bandages. These rolls also contain natural rubber and are not latex-free. Our company wholesales these Cohesive Elastic Bandages which are used by various healthcare professionals.

Whether using our bandages for hot/cold compression packs, athletic injuries, or as elastic body wraps, our elRubber Elastic Bandageastic bandages should be used. As our compression products are essentials to any first aid kit, We ensure our quality over any and all competitors. In addition, each one of our premium elastic bandages is individually wrapped and sealed. We have the type which include two elastic clasps in addition to they type that have velcro style closure. One should use our bandages to support and hold wound dressings. Compression bandages are also used to reduce swelling which eases pain, or to secure ice packs on sports injury. First-aid and beauty supply companies should contact us about freight shipping discounts.

Elastic Bandages have many uses and are needed everyday by health care professionals. We understand this, and work hard to provide these great products at wholesale prices. This website allows us to deliver such products along, with other disposable medical supplies, to your office. We take pride in bringing a good quality compression bandage to you at the lowest prices to be found anywhere. We provide free shipping* and there is never a minimum order. Thank you for shopping with us!!!

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