BM Oxford White 12. It runs on a scale from 0 to 100. Treat to the eyes: Pure white drink is indeed an appealing drink with a light honey color and glowing touch. Divide it by 5 to get an approximate Munsell Chroma value. I would guess that Sherwin Williams gave it the name Pure White because it is not any of those things. Picking paint colors can be tricky, but you've picked some great ones! SW Snowbound 15. 1- BM Simply White/ 2- BM Decorator’s White/ 3- BM Super White/ 4- BM Chantilly Lace/ 5- SW Extra White/ 6- SW Pure White/ 7- SW Snowbound/ 8- SW Alabaster . That's technically. Extra White is a color we have used throughout our home. Extra White is one of those really bright whites, that when placed next to another white, instantly makes them look dingy. Painting trim - SW Pure white or Divine white? revstat's gear list: … Keeping my fingers crossed. CMYK values in no way relate to, can be correlated with, paint colors or formulas.Same with RGB. When choosing the white for your walls, try to find a complimentary white that is a shade lighter for your trim. Bad news Lori! Thanks. The Color Muse app will display LCh values. Extra White is more of a clean/sharp look that can cast just slightly cool vs Pure White. Before I go get a sample today in your experience is this a white or is it going to have a yellow tint? Everything appears yellow, pink, or very white. When walls and ceilings are completely and immaculately white, the aesthetics of furnishings and architectural design stand out. Let me know how it turns out! It is so calming, fresh and clean! These pics are in natural daylight, top is sw super white, alabaste, sw pure white, bm brilliant white color match. They're both really nice gray paint shades. Get design inspiration for painting projects. High Reflective White is a good non-competing color and plays well with other whites. Here are some inspiration pictures, my materials and rendition of my kitchen. i love it. From what I'm reading, it seems like super white walls will be too stark. Extra White is a BIT finicky as to the type of paint colours it wants to be partnered with and prefers the cooler end of things vs warm tones. The difference between the two is that the Extra White has a higher LRV 86 (light reflecting value) than the Pure White can see the slight differences looking at their CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) breakdown. January 12, 2017 at 12:24 am. Hi Michele! I wanted to go white but I know I would get bored, so I compromised. I really like it. You still have to like how it looks - does it look pretty. Hello, I am trying to select between SW pure white and SW extra white for the walls and trims. BM White Dove 20. The top one is Extra White and the bottom one is Pure White. Doris, Hi Doris! It has very little undertone and runs slightly cool. I know this is an old post just wondering if Lori or anyone else can confirm based on their values If sw extra white as trim and sw pure white on walls can work together. I think that traditionally, they used wood quarter round on a wood floor. I know the struggle of picking a white paint color. BM Cloud Cover 10. I usually like a nice contrast between doors/trims and wall but worried about the low ceiling so I’m thinking I’d need to go all white. I truly believe that Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore … H G can you post a picutre? My goodness the choices of WHITE paint!! I know you posted this 6 months ago. The numbers are just a framework to help you find your pretty. Enjoy your updated kitchen :). Extra White – Sherwin-Williams. Polyhistor. Good luck :). This gray undertone serves to ground the paint color, and keeps it from being too stark. Behr Ultra Pure White. Plus, you can pick the perfect paint color without having to run to the store or open a can of paint, and you won’t be pressured into picking a color because you have a bunch of different sample colors painted on your walls! They made it for me by mistake it was supposed to be bm super white, but looking at it on my wall it may work. Urbane Bronze Review - Sherwin Williams 2021 Paint Color of the Year, Repose Gray: A Complete Paint Color Review, best white paint colors for every surface, Samplize sells 12×12 stick on paint squares, get free shipping and $5 off your first order, painting professional in your area by clicking here. Hi @Lori A. Sawaya, thank you for all your advice on this page! I have been told that it doesn’t cover very well. What color would you suggest for the trim? I'm between two colors SW pure white or extra white. When you want a no-fail white paint color, strongly consider Pure White for your home. As you can see from the picture, both Pure White and Alabaster have hints of gray in them, but Alabaster has a lot more yellow or beige in it than Pure White does. A ... We have SW Extra White on trim and large beams on ceiling, and will also have a large wall with a lot of ship lap in Extra White. Walls:Pure white, cabinets: marshmallow, island: grizzly gray. To brighten my brick do i also use PURE WHITE as well or would you recommend something else for brick? I totally understand your concern with your antique-white/cream cabinets, but you will be okay having brighter trim and ceilings. Avoid going too traditional and too clean by introducing an off-white palette that brings a touch of warmth and elegance, Using white in different ways gives you limitless options for light, color and creativity, With a washing machine and bleach on your side, white slipcovers for couches and chairs keep your furniture looking pristine, Get the pure look you want without going institutional by paying attention to tone, texture and sheen in an all-white bathroom, White is white, right? although i painted my exterior extra white. I considered Simply White (OC-117), Moonlight White (OC-125), Decorator White (OC-149), Super White (OC-152), but ultimately decided and love Chantilly Lace (OC-65). Extra White is another great choice for trim and built-in cabinetry. Almost done! we are using Revere Pewter for walls and planning to use sw Pure white for Cabinet, trim and doors. LED Pure White Christmas Lights – Many people refer to LED white Christmas lights as being “cool white” because of the blue-like light that they give off. Any suggestions for white for cabinets on the perimeter? If the whites are just too blinding in the back, check out a color like Pearly White, which will look pretty white outside but has a bit more color to it. Pure White Paint Color, by Sherwin Williams, is a go-to white paint color for walls, trim, exteriors, cabinets, and more. Good luck everyone! Because it is so bright, and not a soft white, many will say it is cool. Similar to Chantilly, it works great with cool colors. BM Linen White 4. Lest you think that this means it is the perfect white, hold on. 4 years ago. Pure White and Extra White are probably the most popular white paint colors for trim. An all-white or mainly white room with graphic silhouettes and strong lines can look modern. Pull chips and experiment with this guideline yourself. The trim needs to be prepared and painted properly with an alkyd enamel in a satin or semi gloss finish. Pure White has a LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 84, meaning it is a very white paint color, with just a hint of color. But, because it has that nod towards yellow, which is a warm color, it actually lands in the warm category of paint colors. I'm thinking the same thing. Click here to read more about Sherwin Williams Snowbound. It will complement any modern space well. Pure White has an LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of 84. Oh, and you get free shipping and $5 off your first order – that is basically like getting one square for free! The bright whites are as pure a white as you can get. For the ceilings, I was suggested SW Eminence Bright White Ceiling paint. I wish I had used SW Pure White for cabinets and trim but these decisions have left the station. BM Timid White 5. I do not get a lot of natural light in the house and plan to paint a dark blue accent wall. In a room with warm colors, I would also go with Pure White over Extra White. Also wanted to mention my cabinetry is all glacier white and I’m not a fan of the extra white trim with the glacier white kitchen So not sure I want to do extra white on the walls in a diff finish. My phone,car, and house is loaded with paint samples and my eyes are crossing! Painting ceiling a different white in different rooms. BM Swiss Coffee. BM Simply White 11. I am also planning on using SW Pure White on my walls, trim and ceiling in different finishes but I'm having a hard time deciding on a white for cabinets. SW will still mix it but there isn't a chip in the new or old fandeck and you can't get chips in the store.