Remove from the pan and cool for ten minutes on a rack before cutting. thanks. Hi there, I finally had time to make this bread today. I often add flax seeds as well for additional health benefits! Where do you get your spelt? Recipe by: Jean Roberts is that correct? hi lindsay! Let it rise again for around 2 hours or until doubled in size. You can do whatever you want. Preheat the oven to 375° F (190° C) and lightly flour a baking sheet. I’m guessing I’d need to thin the coconut milk out a bit, since its pretty thick!!! Any pointers would be helpful. Folding this wetter dough can be tricky, so if you’re new to handling bread dough, you may want to watch some videos about the dough-folding process. Thanks for this – I found your recipe while looking for yeast-free spelt bread. I honestly don’t use them anymore myself, just some good solid Ziplocs…but I have rinsed and re-used aluminum wrap in the past, and I am always re-using Ziplocs! And now for the bread… This spelt bread is one of my favorite breads ever. I’ve never tried spelt before, so I’ll have to give it a try via this recipe. Spelt requires more in quantity compared to other grains. In So simple! I used glass pans and halved the recipe making two sad little loaves. I wouldn’t recommend Agave, though touted for its health benefits newer research shows that is hits the bloodstream faster than corn syrup and is actually very unhealthy for you. deb. 7! Thanks so much! While searching I found this page that explains the chemical reaction between the acid medium and the baking soda – and therefore why you would want to leave out the baking soda until just before baking…, I’ve never heard of it before. Home > Bread Recipes > Spelt Bread Recipes. Heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour batter into the prepared pan and sprinkle the ¼ cup rolled oats over the top. That will be great for emergencies! After, re-reading, I realized that some of them weren’t supposed to be added until after the soaking. YUM!! I’ll have to look around locally and see if I can find it whole (I prefer to grind my own grains), but if I can’t I’ll try some pre-ground flour. Spelt is lovely to work with and makes the most fluffiest cakes, cookies, tortillas (recipe for these coming soon) and now, pita bread! Thanks! 300g wholemeal spelt flour 200g strong white bread flour 1 heaped tsp fine sea salt 7g packet of instant dried yeast or 15g fresh yeast 350ml water … Unlike most whole-grain bread recipes… Made it this weekend, and it couldn't be better. In a separate bowl, whisk together the warmed milk, honey and oil until thoroughly mixed. Have you tried it? Follow the instructions that came with your bread machine in terms of which ingredients to put in the bread … This sounds so good! This no yeast bread recipe really works. Wondering why the holes develop or if you ever figured that part out?? Gently press the oats onto the batter. As long as you are using raw milk, which sours naturally, leaving it out on the counter is perfectly fine and will increase the culturing beneficial process. Bake at 350 for about an hour. Your email address will not be published. I would recommend checking out the original recipe, which is adapted from All here for further recommendations. Hi, The texture is soft with just the right amount of crumb when you cut it. Tomato Herbed Spelt Bread kiipfitkiipfit. Katie, so glad you enjoy my bread recipe! Soaking Step, optional (to break down the phytates): Soak 8 cups of flour with liquids for 12-24 hours. Step 5. Happy Birthday, Benja, Blueberry Maple Muffins from p. 25 of Love Real Fo, Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili from p. 83 of Love,, 2 cups unflavored, unsweetened almond milk, warmed, ¼ cup quick cooking rolled oats (for topping). What am i doing wrong? I recently developed one but I am finding a few holes in my bread as well. Hi Lindsay! After soaking, add remaining ingredients and bake. Step 3. I wanted to check that baking soda was definitely the same as ‘bicarb’ as we call it in the UK (it is), and why you left it out until after the soaking. Is this correct? This is definitely a bread that I will be making for him as currently he has his nut butter and jelly sandwiches on buckwheat pancakes. Hi Lindsey!! Thank you so much for posting this! Especially for gluten-free flours that need a bit more elasticity. I tweaked a couple things for what I had on hand as follows: Only soaked for about an hour or so. I wrap them in saran wrap and aluminum foil so they don’t get dried out, but when I unwrap them to use later, I feel like I’m wasting so much (foil and saran) to store them. Thanks Lindsay. I did mention specifically that I use raw milk in the recipe.