(By taking the Category C licence (Class II) will automatically give candidates the lower licence of Category C1 (7.5 tonner)). A big thanks to Ian Hargreaves for his instruction and encouragement helping me pass my HGV Class 2 cant wait to do my Class 1 now . £31,200 a year. PCV (Category D1) Minibus Training From £84pm. HGV Class 1 / LGV C+E training & test Get a licence to drive up to 44 tonnes Articulated Training Vehicle in Slough & Enfield. Would highly recomend you use Ben Shaw Training. Find out more about obtaining your Category C licence. step-1. (C) Simulator Training: $26.54 per Session (D) Practical Test Fee: Test Vehicle and Warm-up Fee: $69.55 . HGV 7.5 Tonne (LGV Cat C1) Lorry Training From £105pm. Step 1. Class 4 & 5 Licenses. About Us. Class 2 course covers heavy vehicles with a gross laden weight between 4,500kg to 18,000kg with no more than 2 axles. Both unit standards (US 24089 & US 17574) will be credited to your NZQA Records of Learning. Class 2 Truck License Course First to qualify for this course you must hold a Class 2 Learner Licence. 50 random questions. Class 2-5 licences Our variety of Class 2-5 licences make the process of obtaining your next truck licence easy. Will be back for my class 1 in the new year. Effective March 1, 2019, drivers seeking a Class 1 (tractor trailer) or Class 2 (bus) licence are required to complete Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) to apply for their commercial driver’s licence. A Class HGV Driver Training For Class 2 LGV Catagory C Licence How much does it cost? Selecting the class 2 button below means you won't be asked any class 3-5 questions, and vice versa. Choose from: Monday - Tuesday; Tuesday - Wednesday; Thursday - Friday; Saturday - Sunday; To be eligible: This course includes: You must have. For all vocational licences, follow our straight forward guide listed under Gaining Your Licence This vehicle is commonly known as a Rigid Body, Class 2 or an LGV, and is typically used for making local or national deliveries. Training by experienced professionals in interactive classes. All Drive Limited offers Heavy Traffic Licences. Vanpool vehicle designed to carry more than 10 persons, but no more than 15 persons including the driver. Class 1 passed first time thanks again for everything. - 1 to 1 training just you, your instructor and training vehicle - 4 hours training per day Wain Andrews, Facebook (Ben Shaw Training Ltd - Reviews) 3-wheel motorcycle with 2 wheels located in the front or back. Vehicle Training for B+E Car and Trailer, C1 7.5t Rigid, C1+E 7.5t and trailer, C Rigid vehicle (Class 2), C+E Rigid and trailer (Class 1), D1 Minibus, D1+E Minibus and trailer & D Bus / Coach. Matthew DR, Ely . Craig is a credit to the company and enjoyed every single minute of my class 2 training. In order to gain this license you do not need to pass the similiar LGV C1 category. We offer four two-day classes each week, from 8:30am - 4:30pm approx. You will still obtain a full manual LGV licence as long as you hold a manual car licence when you pass. Class 2 Class 3-5. Typically these type of vehicles go up to 32,000kg.It is also the category that you must pass to receive the C+E provisional entitlement in order to proceed to Category C+E Training. Read more. As soon as you get your Class 2 licence you can apply to take the test that will qualify you for C+E. LGV/HGV Category C (Class II) Vehicles over 3,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg also known as a Class II or a rigid vehicle. Could not fault anything they do more than friendly staff very patient and very well explained couldn't fault the trucks either all modern trucks would defiantly recommend to anyone looking to do there class 2 and 1 without a doubt. The course fee includes theory training, learner licence fees and a driver training practical assessment. – Practical Riding Test will be confined to circuit only. One day Lorry Loader training courses start from only £285 (ex vat) for experienced and two … Once you’ve got the LGV licence, we would expect you to be able to earn a starting salary of up to £26k per year, rising with experience. Start by clicking on the enrol button now. The majority of haulage companies are now operating automatic trucks. A Class 2 license allows you to drive a vehicle up to 18,000kgs or a vehicle with two axles. 10 random questions 20 random questions. You won't find another service like ours. In other words, you can bypass this if you need to drive a heavier class 2 truck. Our professional instructors will provide you with an initial assessment. Strong processes and original thinking sets us apart from our competitors. HGV Class 2 Training LGV Lorry Licence with our ‘All Inclusive Package’ is from only £1,355! C – also referred to as Class 2 or Rigid this category allows the licence holder to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of up to 750 kg. Category C (Class 2) LGV / HGV training runs around Ipswich, Suffolk and uses the DVSA Test Centre in Ipswich.C is the category that allows you to drive a rigid vehicle over 3,500kg. ; NDC is a Government Approved Test Centre so you can train and test at the same location for your HGV Class 2 licence! A-Class HGV / LGV Driver Training will then book you in for a Professional LGV Driver training course of your choice. The category C license is the most commonly used HGV within the UK and Europe as it is very versatile and can access areas and small towns where larger vehicles cannot. About Us. 5. A Class 2 driving license is a common type of heavy driving license that allows people to legally operate a heavy vehicle, such as a tractor trailer. LAD Training will arrange the medical, you will receive a text message with the details on. You will require a HGV Cat C License class 2 license if you want to drive vehicles such as rubbish collection vehicles. We will discuss the cost of aquiring a HGV Cat C License below. Hiab Lorry Loader Training Course. These courses are an excellent introduction to bat handling and those participating in the Level 2 Class Licence Training Course commented on how useful it had been to … Enrol Online Now. By taking the Category C licence (Class II) … HGV Class 2 (LGV Cat C) Training From £110pm. Class 2 Licenses are up to 18,000kg. Many training companies allow you to train and take your class 1 (C+E) test at the end, but many drivers get their class 2 licence first and then take their class 1 test afterwards. (ex vat) FREE initial CPC saving over £350 and not an additional extra as with others! A Class 2 driving license could also be considered a type of commercial driving license, depending on the country in which it is issued. Without the ‘C+E’ licence you are limited to towing a 750 Kg gross weight trailer. With it's extensive skill base, the PassRite team delivers Driver Education programmes covering all classes of driver licensing and provides training and assessing for driver licensing endorsements. We operate trucks with automatic gearboxes for Category C (class 2) and C+E (class 1) LGV/HGV driver training. Find out more here. Each License has prerequisites – find out here. Class 2. Combine this with Easy as HGV’s 5* HGV training program, and you’ll find this to be a simple and enjoyable process. A Class 4 License allows you to get your Rigid Vehicle Unlimited Weight License. As a leading provider of high quality training to a number of diverse industries in Birmingham, we are flexible to the needs of your business and can deliver training at our dedicated training centre in Kitts Green or at your premises. Traffic Police Test Fee (1) Practical Riding Test: $33.00 per Test: Ready to Enrol? Cannock. Cat C1 - Paramedic Ambulance Driver Training From £105pm. Typical vehicles driven with the class 2 license are known to many as rigid body vehicles. Upon successful competion of your training programme, you will be issued with a NZ Transport Agency certificate, which you will need to take to any NZTA approved Driver Licencing Agency (AA or VTNZ) to have your licence upgrated to a Full Class 2 Licence with no further tests required. You must learn the class-specific questions as well as the general road rules, so don't just practice class 2 or class 3-5, work through all sections or take random tests. 35 random questions. More... - Driver class 2. A driver of a vanpool may operate with a Class C license but shall possess evidence of a medical examination required for a Class B license when operating vanpool vehicles. The LGV training takes 4 days. Also offered are 2-5-day Approved classes that offer hands-on and classroom training. PassRite Driving Academy Ltd is New Zealand's foremost provider of driver training and education and was formed on the 1st April 1990. The class ‘C+E’ licence replaced the older class I licence in 1997 and passing the ‘C+E’ test is a requirement for operating an articulated vehicle or a rigid vehicle towing a large trailer. Overview; More Detail; Testimonials; Enquire; Other Courses; LGV/HGV. Get HGV Class 1 / LGV CE after you've passed LGV C (HGV Class 2) - Choice of courses & vehicles - No more theory tests. recommend a friend. Massachusetts Hoisting License offers state approved one day Test Prep classes for 2A/1C and 2A/1B Licenses in convenient locations - Plainville, Taunton and Worcester. Your Class 2 driver training includes school bus driver training, special activity bus driver training, and special vehicle driver training. what sets us apart. A Class 2 licence allows you to drive a category C vehicle, or what is frequently referred to as a rigid. Thinking of getting your Class 2 License? Category C1 allows the holder to drive a large goods vehicle with a maximum authorised mass (gross vehicle weight) of up to 7,500 kilograms (16,535 lb) with a trailer up a maximum authorised mass of up to 750 kilograms (1,653 lb). The HGV class 2 is now known as LGV category C and it allows drivers who successfully gain their license to be able to drive any rigid category C vehicle weighing up to 32 tonnes. A Class 2 licence is for C Category vehicles- rigids. – No road training is required for Class 2. Mandatory training for new Class 1 and Class 2 commercial drivers will result in safer, more highly skilled drivers working in the truck and bus industries. PCV (Cat D) Bus Driver Training From £111pm . A Class 5 License allows you to get your Truck and Trailer License. Category C (CLASS II) (3.5 tonne+) RIGID VEHICLE OVER 3.5 TONNES Minimum Age=18. Large group classes also available upon request. There will also be Bat Handling and ID one day training courses in January and February 2018. HGV Class 2 Driver Training The stages for HGV Class 2 Driver Training are below, we will arrange everything for you. Vehicles over 3,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg also known as a Class II or a rigid vehicle. Enroll on our fast-tracking course this consists of one & half days of classroom theory then followed with a one & half hour practical assessment which you will do on a separate day. Medical – don’t forget to take the medical D4 form with you. 25 hours of one-on-one bus training and driving, 16-hour air brake course, 4-hour log book course, 4-hour mechanical pre-trip course, 4-hour chain up course, defensive driving training and 1.5-hour MVB road test. HGV/LGV Class 2 Category C truck is arigid bodied vechicle over 7.5 tons. A driver can obtain this licence from the age of 18. Bidfood.