6 Inch Elastic Bandages

6 inch elastic bandagesOur non sterile 6" Elastic Bandage is used as a body wrap and is 5 yards long when stretched. They are strong and not bulky. Our bandages, which are carefully designed to provide comfort, also provide superior quality and value. It is a sure fit to support a wound dressing and helps to reduce swelling. 6" elastic bandage x 5yds is a very popular size and packaged 50 rolls per case. They provide consistent stretch and compression for sports injuries. They are latex free, and these medical supplies are sold by the case. We wholesale these products at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. This is why healthcare professionals prefer our brand of 6" elastic bandage to our competitor’s brands. Used as body wraps, where excellent compression wraps are required, they are perfect for the application of sea clay body wraps. The bandage remains elastic, comfortable and is reusable. This is why it is so easy to wrap and unwrap. The construction provides consistent stretch while allowing air circulation to the skin. These elastic body wrap bandages are breathable and provide firm uniform support during body wrapping. Wash in warm water with gentle detergent and air dry only. This will help to retain elasticity. So try out our 6" elastic bandage today, and you will be 100% satisfied with our products. Thank you for shopping with us and please contact us with questions.

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