Cohesive Elastic Bandages

Cohesive Elastic BandagesCohesive elastic bandages are important disposable medical supplies. Our company provides these products for medical use. A cohesive bandage can be easily torn by hand and is an excellent product to be used when additional support is needed. This durable self adhesive wrap is well suited for a variety of applications within the healthcare industry. They also come in a variety of colors and are the same as our self adhesive elastic bandages.

Our cohesive elastic bandage is stretchable and will only stick to itself when being wrapped. The bandage will conform easily to the body’s joints both large and small. It features a very special cohesive material which will not stick to your skin or hair. It only adheres to itself, so removal is easy and painless. A cohesive bandage can be easily torn by hand, so there is no need for scissors or a special dispenser. They are used for support, and also may be used to hold bandages firmly in place making them and ideal wound care product.

They come in various sizes including:
  • 1” x 5yds
  • 2” x 5yds
  • 3” x 5yds
  • 6” x 5yds

Coated with a thin layer of nature latex on non woven fabric, our cohesive bandages adhere to themselves tightly. They are soft, comfortable, and individually packaged in a variety of colors. They are water resistant and non slip when met with sweat or water. Their porous design allows for the skin to breath. Cohesive Bandages can be used for wound dressings, and taping ankles, knees, and wrists. They also provide compression for healing after surgery. They also work well to support and protect the joints to avoid sprains and strains on the ligaments.
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