Elastic Adhesive Bandages

Elastic Adhesive BandageAn elastic adhesive bandage is a type of cohesive bandage or wrap that adheres to itself, but does not adhere well to other surfaces such as hair or skin. It is also known as a self adhesive elastic bandage and it’s commonly used to wrap limbs, since it will stick to itself and will not loosen. It is typically used on humans, but also commonly used as a wrap for the legs of horses and other types of livestock. It will not stick to the hair of animals, so it is easily removed. It is normal for this type of bandage to be secured with some type of adhesive medical tape to hold it in place on the limb. A common mistake in using these products is wrapping them too tightly. This will interfere with the patient’s blood circulation. Unlike our premium elastic bandages, they will not loosen up over time. This is why it is important to properly tension these bandages when they are being applied. In addition to Elastic Adhesive Bandages, we also carry a variety of medical tape.
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