Elastic Bandage Velcro

elastic bandage velcroOur premium elastic bandage with velcro style self closure replaces the traditional metal clips. The knit design provides comfortable, controlled and consistent compression during use and allows the skin to breath. A single strip elastic bandage velcro type closure reduces the amount of medical tape needed to secure it, and eliminates the need for clips. It is latex-free, reinforced, and ideal for knee, shoulder, or lower leg dressings. It comes in multiple sizes, provides firm support and compression for strains and sprains. This is why our elastic bandage with veclro type closure will adhere to any point on the bandage. It is proven to be a high quality non-rubber elastic bandage with convenient velcro style self-closure. Made with a cotton/polyester blend, its construction is ideal for high compression treatment on a variety of conditions. They offer versatility at the best value and quality. Our durable product allows for repeated use while maintaining excellent compression. This is why an elastic bandage velcro style closure is used by so many healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, urgent care units, athletic clinics, and much more
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