Elastic Bandage Wrap

Elastic Bandage WrapAn Elastic Bandage Wrap is often used for body wraps, and made of a cotton blend. Sometimes they are even self-adherent or cohesive. We have both types of wraps available at our store, and our products are sold at a wholesale price. The texture of an Elastic bandage wrap makes it ideal for those difficult-to-reach areas. Also these items are used as body wraps for weight loss. They are knitted and very breathable making them suited for general use. Providing support and compression, this cotton and polyester bandage serves as an ideal orthopedic supply.

We also carry the rubber elastic bandage wraps with metal clips included. A Latex-Free version of this item is also available with velcro closure inside of our online store. We distribute our products at wholesale prices to save you money. A typical bandage has self closure, and is perfect for high compression treatment in a variety of conditions.

Elastic bandage wrap measurements are for stretched length and include:

  • 6” x 5yds
  • 4” x 5yds
  • 3” x 5yds
  • 2” x 5yds
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