If the dog is left alone, locked up in a small backyard or in a pen, some dogs develop a habit of barking, seemingly wi… In his Literature I came upon the Laika. The most defining physical characteristic of the breed is the strong, curly tail they carry high upon their backs. To satisfy his need of action he can also easily accompany you at you bicycle-rides. United Kennel Club (UKC) is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree. They appear to be more independent than the West Siberian. At this moment there are more than 300 officially recognized (FCI) breeds, wich are often developed by selection and use through centuries. In Siberia a dog is not allowed to hunt in neighbours hunting grounds and should keep in regular contact with the hunter. Later also Moscow breeding became very important by the male Miska of kennel ‘Vsekohotsjuza’. In other countries (were dogs walk more of leash?) The West Siberian Laika was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1996. The task of the West Siberian laika as sled dog, was to transport the hunter and his prey. He can be trained for different type of work, and loves to be active with his owner. Compare Siberian Husky and West Siberian Laika and {name3}. In that way they became founders of different bloodlines, so they can be found not only in Moscow descendants. At this moment there are also West Siberian Laiki experienced active in Breitensport, rescue dogs and tracking (human senct). The most defining physical characteristic of the breed is the strong, curly tail they carry high upon their backs. West Siberian Laika: 17: 39: JPnA RSLR Naughty Or Nice: Belgian Malinois: 1: 13: MS RSLR Sippin' On Straight Chlorine: West Siberian Laika: 17: 39: ASh RSLR Take Aim And Reload: West Siberian Laika: 19: 41: NE RSLR Teardrops On My Guitar: Border Terrier: 1: … As primitive and still natural dog type, the West Siberian Laika has a strong constitution and is rarely ill. Of all dogs, which are officially X-rayed, till now (all our breeding dogs and their descendants), we can conclude that until now (2010) we had no hipdysplasia problems. height), but in Siberia this used to be even till 58-64 cm. The breed is lighter in build and narrower in head than the East Siberian Laika. It is natural for a dog to have a curled tail: so just typical dog! It does not hesitate to express its strong feelings by barking and other noises. Double, with a hard, straight outer coat and a well developed undercoat. 100 E Kilgore Rd, If people are looking for a specialist for one specific task, it is better to look for another breed. more often dominant to other males. Phone: 269.343.9020 The breed seems to be especially popular in its native/original areas. In the sled team of Arctic legend again Tom and Taiga were pioneers in Europe. We are here to help you find a reputable West Siberian Laika dog breeder near you. Shaped like an equilateral triangle. because of that a lot of ‘fresh blood’ came to the Netherlands and even as small as the population was at that time, there were big breeding possibilities because there were descendants of 15 diffrent breedinglines available. ( for example: as tracking dogs, the St. Hubertus bloodhound or the Hannoveraner is a much better choice, as retriever it is more logical to choose a Labrador etc.). wich was not of much influence. In general one can say that a West Siberian Laika is, if the owner possesses the same qualities; active, well balanced, loyal, friendly company. Bred in the frigid Russian territory of West Siberia, the breed was crafted for its exceptional game hunting skills throughout the 20th century. Nowadays Zapadno-Sibirskaya Laika is the most prevalent hunting breed in Russia and widely spread in all wooden areas of the country from Karelia to Kamchatka. Although the West Siberian Laika has enough guard dog capacities to guard the house during your absence and will protect it’s family in case of emergency, he is very social to humans kids included. (West Siberian Laiki from 14 till 17 years old are no exceptions). Clear all. The Chanteiskaja Laika was heavier, had a broader scul, some stop, a shorter muzzle and had a thick rich coat with a good develloped collar and typical wisthers (see pictures of our Borr here below). This breed was developed through very selective breeding of primitive hunting dogs used by the Voguls and Ostyak, two indigenous tribes. In 1978 on the fifthiest anniversay of the big dogexhebition in Moscow, there were 340 West Siberian Laika participating, of wich half of them got hte qualification excellent. The Laika was very important for the Siberian people. PS As post scriptum, a little tail, in which I would like to answer a question much asked to me by Laika- and other Nordic breeds lovers. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this time. Majority of West Siberian Laikas now living in the USA and Canada originated from the first three males, Alex, Chekhov and Vern, and two females, Shelma and Polly, which I imported from Russia and … The reason we breed is that, by having their descendants, we nowadays still have a part of our beloved first Laiki. He has published about 20 scientific papers in Russian, when he worked in Russia, on topics of population ecology and … For example a type of very specialized duck hunting in which the dog must sit very still, wait for a sign of the hunter and than lour the ducks towards the hunter, through the inquisitive behavior of the ducks. It is a very unclear subject. Why. All are similar in looks and hunting styles though each one is more specifically suited to hunting the areas it was developed in. Spitz dogs were bred in Siberia for their ability to work hard in harsh climates. The West Siberian Laika is a poor kennel dog. West Siberian Laika vs Beagle vs Golden Retriever – Which one is a better dog breed for you? The same thing happened  along the Beringstreet in Northern America. Image Source: primitivedogs. Foxpaws Kennel… Dogs with the before mentioned diseases should of course be excluded from breeding! The working capacities and the character of the Laika are formed by working and living together with human beings ever since the prehistoric time. We provided information for the text and pictures of our dogs where chosen amongst nearly 200 Laika pictures. Only by paying attention not only to the positive things but also the negative ones, recognize them in an early stage, investigate and handle with care, the nowadays very good health of the West Siberian Laika, can stay as healthy as since prehistoric time. He can follow a track silently and once found, keeps the game at bay, while barking, in place until the hunter arrives. The breed is never coarse or massive. Sibirskaya Laika was approved in 1952. Of these six Laika-breeds, nowadays three are FCI (federation Cynologique International) recognized: The Russian European Laika, The West Siberian Laika and the East Siberian Laika. He has quarding qualities and the effective use of his voice, makes him very beloved by Russian hunters. In Hungaria their was one single case, were there were three cases in one litter (in no other litters with this breeder) when used an Hungarian female and a male of origin from the Netherlands. A West Siberian Laika is active and has a lot of energy, he has an excellent sence of orientation. I specialize in breeding hunting West Siberian Laika, close to aboriginal dogs of the Mansi People. Shelma Pack Kennel. The West Siberian Laika is a dog for people who like an active outdoor life, in which he can for fill his demand of  activity outdoors and show his calm and quiet temperament indoors by lying for hours in the presence of his people. This is extreemly high for a working breed. Most Popular Dog Breeds. In land of origin his strong constitution is famous. They were also used  as hunting companion, but in contrary to what many people nowadays think, they were seldom used as sled dogs. NorthStar is a North Texas kennel of Siberian Huskies, Norwegian Lundehund, and Yakutian Laikas. In additional use as an hunting dog, the West Siberian Laika can be trained as tracking dog. For females, it is 20.5 to 23 inches. Hunting big game is not without danger. Portage, The current breed was developed from two different types. There is a slight tuck-up. Though if attacked a Laika can defend him selves very well. About the West Siberian Laika. We are here to help you find a reputable West Siberian Laika dog breeder near you. TELL: Time, energy and lots of love that you invest in a dog, has an surprisingly high efficienty, The following text is a portrait from the West Siberian Laika, published in the official kennelclub magazine in the Netherlands ‘, ‘ year 62 number 3 2007. In the Netherlands more people and dogs followed their footsteps and are training for blood tracks. So if their should be a risk of heritable form of epileptic, we are till now (2011) the only kennel with descendants of totally unrelated combination. A suited dog for people, who allow their dog to be part of their life and familie, and who like an active outdoor life. The Nenezker Laika: Also called Samoyeed Laika, named after the nomadic herdsmen that herd reindeer in the north of Russia, the Samen. West Siberian Laikas are grouped in the Spitz type of Russian dog breeds. The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to act as a guide for judges. Because of his original task as huntingdog, the West Siberian Laika must be highly intelligent and have a excellent condition and a lot of courage. United States. He is the most common Laika-type. Like mentioned before the dog must stay in contact with the hunter and is not allowed to go of hunting in a neighbour’s territory. Nowadays mixed breeds with wolves are artificial and have negative results for the use of dogs as pets as well as working dogs. We work to make sure that all breeders listed on our site, raise their puppies with love and take pride in quality over quantity. West Siberian Laika Puppies available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals. Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid. 1 West Siberian Laika Breeders . He keeps West Siberian Laikas and Eastern Hounds imported from Kazakhstan. It is up to an intelligent Laika to estimate what is needed to keep a dangerous animal at bay, and no more then that. Viciousness or extreme shyness. The Yakutian Laika is a hardy breed, and to keep him that way, responsible breeders check for health concerns such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat and certain eye anomalies. Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: West Siberian Laika. Apart from hunting the West Siberian Laika can also be used for other activities. In different countries, different demands are put to a West Siberian Laika, depending also from traditions, use and possibilities. The hunters thought that it depended on the clima sircumstances and hunted prey, that sometimes bigger sizes were in favor, untill sometimes 69 cm. On the head, ears and front of the legs, the hair is short. The East Siberian Laika became recognized as a … The Russian European Laika is a bit more elegant build compared to the Karelian, especially in the head. Usually they have no problems to learn quickly what you want from them. The West Siberian Laika has to make kilometes, and is not suited for making a little ten minutes walk on leash, three times a day. These 3 are categorized with Spitz and polardogs as huntingdog, but land of origin mentions that a strong separation of hunting and sleddogs is not possible with these breeds, and they have to be able to be used for more than one task. Therefore is so widely spread not only in Russia, but also outside Russia. It has a beautifull foxred color and is mainly used to hunt birds. Shelma Pack Kennel. However, some began to work to preserve it and soon it gained popularity and was imported to the USA in 1992. He learns easy and fast, but because of that, can be bored very fast too. This means that breeding is more and more focused on dogs that are too aggressive, and less attention is paid too obedience,” will to please” and intelligence. The Laika is a very original dog type, formed by a natural way of living and harsh climatological circumstances. Tom was only very enthousiastic when going homewards. The West Siberian Laika (WSL) or Zapadno-Sibirskaïa Laïka is an ancient Spitz type hunting dog originating from Ural and West Siberia.The breed was developed through selective breeding from primitive hunting dogs of the Mansi (Voguls) and Khanty (Ostyak) indigenous people. This can result in barking or independent behaviour, because if the dog has to entertain him selves al day, he will do this, also in the short time, when you are there after work or in the weekend. There obedient, friendly kcharacter and their easy adaptation did not stay unremarked. Description of breeding, field trials and dogshows from its foundation in 1968, until its closing in 1992. He sheds (twice a year),  barks, you have to keep him busy, he keeps you busy, costs a lot of time and energy but…. To think that a Laika is a hunting dog and thus is permitted to run any time after all game is a misunderstanding. <. Affectionate and loyal to his family, and friendly to strangers. It forms a beard on the cheekbones, a collar on the neck, and slight breeches on the back of the thighs. Family and friends will be announced and greeted friendly. These dogs are the origin of the nowadays called Samoyeed dogs. There have been different cases of epileptic Laiki. Both types of dogs being called Siberian dogs and show, in land of origin, often similarities in appearance. to us, he is definetly worth it! The West Siberian Laika is, if his owner is provided with the same qualities, stable, friendly, active and loyal company. They are intelligent, lively en playful dogs with a more than average need of activity and a big desire of human companionship. Due to the arctic conditions in the country of origin, the coat is very important. These dogs known as the Mansi and Khanty Laikas are the actual descendants of wolves and primitive Spitz dogs, … Although all these breeds had different names according to geographical circumstances or name of people that lived with them, they often were not very different in exterior or working qualities. Shelma Pack KennelVirginia. In Siberia, being afraid, being aggressive and running of, is all three not accepted for a dog. We work to make sure that all breeders listed on our site, raise their puppies with love and take pride in quality over quantity. Majority of West Siberian Laikas now living in the USA and Canada originated from the first three males, Alex, Chekhov and Vern, and two females, Shelma and Polly, which I … Height at the withers for males is 21 to 23.5 inches. The West Siberian Laika is an ancient Spitz-type breed that comes from Ural and West Siberia. The theory that our dogs are descendants of wolves is strongly being questioned. From an import dog from Czech is known he had cataract. Primitive breeds which have a curled tail are therefore closer to this process. The original Nenezker Laika were not only white, but often black and white or all black. bkherbert UKC Forum Member. Exceptions excluded they are obedient to their owners as well as other family members. And he did this very successful since he was 10 month old until twelve years old. See more ideas about Siberian, Dogs, Dog breeds. Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET) In November 1987 in Tomsk (Siberia), on a state property breedingcentre owned by the ministry of hunting an fishing, Tom was born a dark wolfgrey West Siberian Laika of the pure Chanteiskaja Laika-type. A question that I asked about twenty-five years ago to the German ethologist (student of Konrad Lorenz) Ebenhard Thrumler. Táto stránka združuje komunitu ľudí,ktorí majú radi psíkov a páčia sa im aj tí severskí,ako sú lajky. When hunting the West Siberian laika can walk till 80 km a day. This also illustrates that a West Siberian laika stays active for a long time. He does not see the use of boringly long doing the same trick over and over again, and will refuse to do it, if you do not make it attractive, by training not to long and changing subject in time. In 1979 on the Allunion- congress they put the official hight on 62 cm. The West Siberian laika is an excellent pupil at the dog school. If the dog is left alone locked up in a small backyard or in a pen, some dogs develop a habit to bark seemingly without a purpose. Indigenous people in Siberia still use the Laika as a practical working dog, selecting also for this use. Al through the years West Siberian Laika has also been bred like they were from ancient times, without pedigree, selecrted by nature and human use. Although a West Siberian Laika can stay in a kennel every now and then he is, because of his social needs, not suited for living as a kennel dog! Author: Nikolai Kruzhkov ISBN-number: 978-5-93507-031-1 Book about the first East Siberian Laika kennel in the Irkutsk Province. He hunts by nose, sight and ears and uses all his well developed senses. The West Siberian Laika was first imported into the United States in 1992, by Mr. Vladimir Beregovoy, PhD an immigrant from Russia. Amherst, VA 24521. $350 each. These dogs were the dogs of different nomadic people, hunters, fishers and herdsmen. The West Siberian Laika was first imported into the United States in 1992, by Mr. Vladimir Beregovoy, PhD an immigrant from Russia. The reason we breed is that, by having their descendants, we nowadays still have a part of our beloved first Laiki. Breeders who mention that they will never have malfunctions in their lines are suspected inexperienced, suspected naive or just suspected. White, salt and pepper, red, and grey of all shades. "Find similarities and differences between West Siberian Laika vs Beagle vs Golden Retriever" Compare West Siberian Laika and Beagle. Contact | Sitemap | Privacy Policy, United English Breeders and Fanciers Membership, Download West Siberian Laika Breed Standard (PDF). Investigation in other countries haven’t given any results of problems. I meet much more social males. Irkutsk kennel of East Siberian Laika - sketches of history. West Siberian Laika on a hunt. As long as mankind can remember the Laika is a dog that lives together with mankind and works as hunter, sleddog, livestock guardian etc.